Our Team

At Rebuild Sports Clinic, we pride ourselves in always being ‘in the know’ with new research, treatment techniques and innovations. Our vision is to be the Number 1 clinic specifically set up for patients suffering from a variety of injuries and, with world-class expertise and a diverse range of treatments modalities, offer you the highest all-round standard of care.

Our specialists have trained at some of the leading institutions in the field and have a wealth of experience. We combine traditional techniques, such as classical physiotherapy, with acupuncture, Pilates and more new and innovative treatments, like shockwave therapy.

Maintaining consistently high standards, with outcomes continually measures and fed-back to your referrer or insurer, is key to our approach – but clinical expertise is just part of the picture. We also pride ourselves in ensuring all patients feel their care is being delivered in a calm and sympathetic manner, and that their needs are at the centre of everything we do.

Our team are specialists in sports injuries. Our wealth of experience and specialist knowledge enables us to provide thorough assessments and develop excellent rehabilitation goals and treatment plans.

Karl Khan

Clinical Lead

Minhal Bandali

Musculoskeletal Director

Dr Christopher Schoeb

Sports Physician

Vicki Nadarajah

Clinical Governance Lead

Roy Hammoud

Clinical Lead Chiropractor

Laura Gilmour


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