To help combat sprains, strains, tears and any discomfort caused as a result of exercise

It is known that Sports Injuries can be very inconvenient; aches and pains that hinder your day to day activities. Some can just be re-occurring ‘niggles’ that pop up here and there, others can be more severe causing a high level of discomfort. At Rebuild Sports Clinic, we feel no one should ever be in any level of pain, so all Sports Injuries are taken seriously and treated with great care and respect, regardless of the level of severity.

Sports Injuries occur as a result of acute trauma or repetitive stress associated with athletic activities. This can include sprains, strains, tears and any discomfort caused as a result of exercise.

Rebuild Sports Clinic is equipped to aid recovery of many different injuries and have worked closely with sports teams around London to facilitate any recovery and rehabilitation needed as a result of Sports Injuries.


Therapy to aid effective and efficient rehabilitation pre-surgery

Sadly, this is the point you know that you will be having surgery to fix an injury. So now you just sit back, relax and wait for the pain to be over right? WRONG!

Rebuild Sports Clinic know that pre-operative conditions, unfortunately, cannot be entirely fixed with treatments. However, we feel it is still our incredibly important job to make sure the muscles and joints around the injured area become strong and stable. This is so the body is as ready as it can be for surgery to allow for more effective and efficient rehabilitation post-surgery.

Usually, this would involve suggesting a mixture of strength and conditioning exercises along with some manual therapy and stretching to allow for maximum mobility and resilience in and around the injured area. These all need to be done with care, precision and control, making sure that if at any point you feel pain, you stop and consult your physiotherapist.


Treatment to aid you in making a full recovery after surgery

The worst is over! You have made it through surgery and you are now on your way back to normality. However, your fragility, DOES NOT give you the excuse to sit and do nothing. Quite the contrary. Rehabilitation is where the hard work really starts.

Rebuild Sports Clinic will be here with you every step of the way to assure you make a full recovery after surgery. This will be made easier if you have done your pre-operative exercises. We will suggest a variety of strength and conditioning exercises to make the operated area strong and stable again to allow you to go back to the activities you love.

However, it is important to bear in mind that the operated area will have been made extremely fragile from the surgery. This means, like your pre-operative treatment, any exercises given need to be done with care, precision and control. This also includes any manual therapy or specialist treatments.